Ten Things I’m Grateful For This Week

1. Thick jumpers and wool socks- my tootsies salute you, fluffy bed socks.

2. Skype- to be able to turn on a little device and see someone you miss dearly who is too far away to see face to face is a wonderful thing.

3. Calm Cabin Stewards- A nervous flier relies on these people show them how to breathe deeply and remain rational.

4. Pets- a cuddle, a lick, a cheeky doggy grin; these small furry things cheer you up exactly at the moment you are about to cry/scream in frustration/ panic. They are unconditional and they expect nothing in return.

5. The ability to run- or walk for that matter. I had one fantastic run earlier this week which put me in a really good place for my marathon in a couple of weeks time. The views were indescribable and I definitely earned my chocolate popcorn.

6. Smiling- it’s a bit like a secret code, isn’t it? Anyone one can do it- you don’t have to be acquainted with a person to brighten their day with a grin.

7. The Exorcist- this may seem odd, especially since I am not a horror films fan, but the quality of production, acting, and music is considerably higher than any other horror film I’ve seen lately.

8. Folk music- this music genre is history embodied, and most songs I’ve heard give me shivers. The different modes, quirky intervals, and powerful imagery all culminate to create a bittersweet melody.

9. My own set of keys- I can come and go as I please! I have been accepted! I am a special person in this person’s eyes! Even if I am getting carried away, not everyone is responsible enough to wield the power of a spare set of somebody else’s keys.

10. Going home- today I’m going home and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been pining for my home, my family, my friends. Now that I get so little time at home, I treasure every single second I get with my ‘V.I.P’s.

What are you grateful for this week?

I give all credit for this blog post idea to Cider For Rosie, who by the way is a very entertaining and creative blogger. Go and have a little read.


Welcome To The World!

Dear Blog,

You are young, so young that you still have that nice new-blog smell. You are quite literally a clean page on which I will write, edit, and post in my attempt to make people smile.

I want you develop good morals, good values as you grow, and so I have given you a post-it note starter list:

– Please show people what have made you happy each week.

– Please share quotes that you think are good food for thought.

– Please talk about inspiring people so that we can all learn and share experiences.

РPlease tell us of all the creativity going on in the world that could expand our own horizons.

– Please offer a shoulder to cry on for those people who just aren’t quite as happy as you, yet.

(Notice the good manners.)

That’s all I ask of you blog. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, and people will love you just as you are in every phase of your life.

Good luck.