Monday’s Quote Of The Week

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Napolean Hill

This week’s quote is to motivate me, as I have been putting of big projects and pieces of work for fear of failure. Nobody would achieve anything if they left ‘it’ until tomorrow.

What do you want to achieve this week?


Welcome To The World!

Dear Blog,

You are young, so young that you still have that nice new-blog smell. You are quite literally a clean page on which I will write, edit, and post in my attempt to make people smile.

I want you develop good morals, good values as you grow, and so I have given you a post-it note starter list:

– Please show people what have made you happy each week.

– Please share quotes that you think are good food for thought.

– Please talk about inspiring people so that we can all learn and share experiences.

РPlease tell us of all the creativity going on in the world that could expand our own horizons.

– Please offer a shoulder to cry on for those people who just aren’t quite as happy as you, yet.

(Notice the good manners.)

That’s all I ask of you blog. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, and people will love you just as you are in every phase of your life.

Good luck.