Welcome To The World!

Dear Blog,

You are young, so young that you still have that nice new-blog smell. You are quite literally a clean page on which I will write, edit, and post in my attempt to make people smile.

I want you develop good morals, good values as you grow, and so I have given you a post-it note starter list:

– Please show people what have made you happy each week.

– Please share quotes that you think are good food for thought.

– Please talk about inspiring people so that we can all learn and share experiences.

– Please tell us of all the creativity going on in the world that could expand our own horizons.

– Please offer a shoulder to cry on for those people who just aren’t quite as happy as you, yet.

(Notice the good manners.)

That’s all I ask of you blog. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, and people will love you just as you are in every phase of your life.

Good luck.


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